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Oh Wow

2010-06-20 22:58:40 by RawrKitty

I've been off far to long. Been traveling to distant lands and what-not. Any-who, I will be posting more art soon. Don't get too excited kiddies!

Never Am I Satisfied!

2010-05-14 18:29:00 by RawrKitty

I have gotten a few votes and reviews on my work, but, I crave more! Please, if you view, you need to review.

I am finally contributing!

2010-05-12 19:28:13 by RawrKitty

I've submitted some recent works of mine. Quality, eh, but more (possibly better) stuff to come! I'm anticipating your feedback, so, uh, give me some!


2009-03-22 18:39:32 by RawrKitty

I'm working on a flash at the moment, it's taking an extremely long time to get anywhere because I have to go to a friend's house to make it. OH THE HUMANITY!!! I've finish a few comics, but I've totally change my mind about uploading them on Newgrounds. Newgrounds isn't really a place for comics. I might make my own website and post them there, if and when this happens I will post the URL.

Love and Peace (thought I'd mix it up a bit)


I've got a deadline.

2009-03-14 15:28:56 by RawrKitty

April 15, will be when the first page of my comic comes out. Sometime during the summer I'm going to get together with a few friends of mine and make a flash. Here's a picture I made on paint for your enjoyment.

I've got a deadline.

Happy Birthday to Me!

2009-03-11 21:20:48 by RawrKitty

It's my birthday to day! 19 wow I'm practically 40! Much love to all of Newgrounds on my special day!

Happy Birthday to Me!


2009-03-07 23:33:44 by RawrKitty

This is just a peak of one of the characters from my comic (which might become a flash with the help of my friend dezzy, who helped create the stick figures on crack series). His name is Mark Maddox and he is dating a 14 year old when he is 19. Creepy, but when I was 15 I did the same thing. Anyway, I did it quickly and crappily on paint because I had nothing better to do.



Time is only a metaphor!

2009-03-03 20:06:31 by RawrKitty

Ok... The first comic episode is finished but my scanner is on the fritz. Why God! Oh, well, I don't really have any fans. In fact no one even cares if I ever publish anything, I'm just rambling on to myself. I will make this post just in case someone is interested.

To my future Newground friends.

Hello people.

2009-02-15 22:38:15 by RawrKitty

Hey I'm new to Newgrounds. Erm...I found this place through a friend's recommendation, and I love it! However I have no idea how to make a all. I have a desperate need to contribute to this place though, soo I will be submitting a weekly comic series. It's not a flash, but DAMNIT I'm trying!

Just so you have an idea of the upcoming material I will describe to you the basis of the comic.
It's about a girl named River, her side kick Alex, and all of their crazy conversations and adventures they share. Also, there's a transexual named Eric, a schizophrenic girl named Anna, and other crazy characters theat I don't wish to name at the moment.